Speakers of bluegfx expo

The talented array of guest speakers that we will line up for those that visite the event are just tremendous. With a solid amount of experience under their belts and a vast net of skills from 3D graphics, post production and games development to the people who are 'in the know' in the CGI world, you can make sure to learn a thing or two - and have fun too.

Framestore - Max Solomon

Max has been working in Computer Animation since the mid-90s, starting as a generalist 3D artist freelancing on a variety of pop promos, commercials, and TV work. During this time, he worked at variou... [Read More]

Blue-Zoo - Tom Box

 We are delighted to welcome back friends of bluegfx, Tom Box who is Co-founder/Head of tech/Director of Blue-Zoo Animation Studio who describes himself as a ‘Tech geek who loves making v... [Read More]

Blue-Zoo - David Hunt

David Hunt is a director at Blue-Zoo Animation Studio. After graduating from the Computer Visualisation & Animation course at Bournemouth University in 2005, he began his career as a character ... [Read More]

Factory Fifteen - Paul Nicholls

Paul Nicholls (UK) lives and works in London. He trained in architecture and animation at both Oxford Brookes and UCL.  He has worked for many of London's top architecture studios including Glenn... [Read More]

INK - David Macey

David Macey is Creative Director for CGI and animation studio INK which he co-founded in 2009. He has worked with brands including Land Rover, Google, Bremont, Santander, Zaha Hadid and many others.... [Read More]

INK - Michael Haas

Michael Haas is a director and animator who joined INK in 2013, before which he freelanced for global brands. With his extensive background in film and 3D animation he made the perfect addition to t... [Read More]

Nomad Games - Don Whiteford

Don Whiteford is a co-founder of the UK development studio Nomad Games. He is has been in the videogames industry for twenty years, starting as executive producer on award-winning combat flight s... [Read More]

Glen Southern

Glen runs Cheshire based studio SouthernGFX providing character/creature designs, 3D assets and motion graphics for a wide range of clients in TV and film, Theme Parks and advertising. Glen has rec... [Read More]

Autodesk - Graham Bell

Graham Bell has accumulated over 16 years' production experience in the Games and Film industries in a variety of animation, mocap, technical and art direction roles at suc... [Read More]

Autodesk - Jamie Gwilliam

Jamie joined Autodesk in 2005 as a 3D Solution Technical Specialist, bringing his production proven experience to the wider Media & Entertainment role. He is now a UK & Ireland Territory Manag... [Read More]

Autodesk - Jean-Pierre van Gastel

Jean-Pierre van Gastel is a Technical Specialist for the Autodesk M&E solutions based in Benelux. JP started his long career as a CNC miller and switched from CAM to CAD in 1992. After learning ... [Read More]

Autodesk - Kevin Booth

Kevin Booth manages Sales Development at Autodesk, and his primary products are the newly-introduced MayaLT, which offers the Indie dev community a cost-effective creative toolset for 3D content creat... [Read More]

Autodesk - Tom Parsons

Tom Parsons joined Autodesk in 2014 as Media & Entertainment Territory Manager for UK & Ireland. Tom has been working in the creative IT industry for over 10 years in a variety of direct and... [Read More]

Nexenta - Nick Baker

Nick is a Sales Consultant for Nexenta Systems, primarily supporting pre-sales engagements in UK and Africa. He's been working in IT for far longer than he'd really like to admit, with much experien... [Read More]

Nexenta - Gary Lynch

Gary joined Nexenta Systems in April 2012 with the responsibility for the management and development of the UK/Irelandbusiness for Nexenta systems. He has extensive experience of both the Enterprise ... [Read More]

Chaos Group - Konstantin Gaytandzhiev

Konstantin joined Chaos Group in 2010 and since then he is one of the main 3D artists and presenters at the company. His past experience as a 3D artist in several production studios brought to Chaos ... [Read More]

Adobe - Niels Stevens

Niels has 16 years consultancy experience in the Post Production industry. He spent 10 years in the content creation reseller business, specialising in sales and training for Audio post production ... [Read More]

AMD FirePro - Rob Jamieson

Rob Jamieson has been involved in 3D for far too long. He has worked at software and hardware companies doing support, demonstrating and  marketing the products. He even used it anger. Rob wri... [Read More]

Thinkbox Software - Mike Owen

Mike is a Developer at Thinkbox Software primarily focused on the Deadline and VMX products. "Thinkbox Software - Deadline 7.0 - New Features" - (Technical Briefing) "Thinkbox Software - Deadline V... [Read More]

NVIDIA - Mike Walsh

Mike Walsh is a N. European Senior Solutions Architect with NVIDIA supporting pre and post sales activities for the Quadro family of professional graphics cards and also for the Grid graphics virtua... [Read More]