About bluegfx

The Company

bluegfx is a leading technology company; our core competencies include 3D, video, storage, workstation, render management, network solutions, and CPU & GPU cloud systems, married with integrated services and fully managed IT support, to the digital media industry.

Our approach is consultative and we engage with clients to find a solution for their business needs; which, as well as including hardware and software, often includes service-based technologies. We are a Microsoft certified partner, focused on solutions for Cloud, Video, Office 365, SharePoint and Azure.

We work with clients to deliver technically innovative, future proof products and services encompassing training, support and cloud technologies.


Key to our offering is that we pride ourselves on not only delivering the right client solution, but back this up with a single-minded focus on delivering a service level and support infrastructure that is second to none.

Our customer retention is maximalized for these reasons, client "peace of mind" and ongoing satisfaction is what we feel sets us apart from our competitors.

Market and products

Our primary business areas include the games, design visualization, film & TV, broadcast and educational industries.

We work with all worldwide manufacturers of software, hardware and services solutions, continually evaluating and researching the ideal tools in the market that will give our customers competitive advantage, and future proof all investments made.

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